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What is a MILF?

by Ms. KayMarie of

Remember how you were really attracted to your neighbor when you came home from college? The one that you knew was twice your age. You had seen her for years and for as long as you could remember you were always attracted to her. To this day, she still sets a standard for you. And given the chance you would take a night with her over a night with one of the college coeds. Shewas your first MILF. And you never forget your first. It wasn’t just how she looked that was so hot. It was how she was. She didn’t try to too hard to be sexy like some of those younger women and that is what made her so damn sexy.

A MILF has Experience

With a age comes experience. It’s just a simple fact. A MILF has had experiences that you didn’t even know existed. A MILF is extremely confident about her position in life, her body, and her sexuality. Sex isn’t new or intimidating to her. She knows what will please her sexually and she’s not afraid to ask for it because she has complete sexual confidence. And at this point she’s not interested in pleasing some guy. Sex is for her satisfaction. Oh, you are definitely going to be pleased. All that experience is going to be used to take you to levels that you could never experience with some chick you banged once. This is a woman that will not leave you guessing. You will learn from her experience. She will teach you ways to fuck a woman ~ to give her pleasure ~ in such a way that you will be pleasured more than you ever have before. Take advantage of it!

Why do MILFs Like Younger Guys?

MILFs don’t just like younger guys. However, a younger guy has the sex drive to keep up with hers. A MILF is one who knows the value of younger man’s stamina. Women and men tend to peak sexually at different times, guys when they are younger and women when they are older, so often times MILFs seek out a partner that is compatible with her own sex drive. This goes for guys too. Many younger guys are attracted to an older woman because of her confidence and how comfortable she is in her own skin ~ and in bed. A MILF isn’t going to be asking you a bunch of questions about how you feel or what you want long term when you are getting naked.

You Know You Need a MILF!

You have definitely come to the right place to explore all that a MILF has to offer. Here at LDW, we have a number of sexy MILFs to tempt you, tease you and teach you! So now that you know all that there is to know about MILFs, it’s time you get to know an actual MILF and experience all the pleasure that she has to offer. Give one of the sexy LDW MILFs a call today. You will never be the same again.

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